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To anyone participating in Dry January - I'm here to help!

I quit drinking and smoking cigarettes in October 2019, but I started to dabble with sobriety in 2018. When I moved out of Wisconsin, I almost instantly lost 20 pounds because I wasn't around drinkers. Once I fully quit, I became the healthiest, happiest, and most on-point version of myself.

It isn't easy to quit, I thought about it for years. I remember being drunk in 2016 and crying, wanting to stop drinking but not knowing how or why. I just remember feeling sad, and not feeling like I could do anything about it. It only really stuck for me when I found a goal that was way more important to me than drinking.

After about a month without alcohol, your liver will have more time to dedicate to its 500 other vital functions, AND it takes 30-90 days to form a new habit, which means my honest recommendation is to try staying dry for at least 90 days.

After the 30 day mark, you'll notice that your quality of sleep will improve, your mood and concentration levels improve, you have better memory recall, longer temper, more patience, your skin will start to glow, your stomach will look and feel better.

Unfortunately, when you're drinking, you may not have enough confidence in yourself to value yourself enough to improve. So if health doesn't motivate you, ask yourself "what dream do I have that's more important to me than my desire to drink?" In order to kick an old habit, you'll need to find something new to take it's place.

My comments and DMs are open to questions, comments, stories, support 🙏

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