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  1. It is my passion and my pleasure to help people unlock the best versions of themselves.

  2. Everything I teach, I have done or currently do. I would never tell you to do something I wouldn’t do myself.

  3. I’m not interested in just telling you what to do, I want to show you with my own actions and behaviors, too.

  4. I’ve had hundreds of students over the years of all ages, backgrounds, abilities - you name it! So long as you’re a human who likes to put in the work and be mindful of how your actions impact others, I feel prepared to help.

  5. I had my programs peer reviewed by multiple certified, registered, and practicing therapists to ensure the safety and efficacy of the information being provided.

  6. Client confidentiality is important to me. Why? Because when I was a teenager, my therapist broke my trust by revealing information I was told would be private. Ever since then, I vowed to make sure I never inflicted that version of trauma on anyone else.

  7. If you come to me with a critique, a concern, or a pain point about anything you purchase, I will be here to listen to you and do my best to rectify the situation. Like I’ve already said, we’re all learning together in one way or another.

  8. I’m not a salesman - I’m a sorter. Meaning, if I genuinely am not convinced my program will change your life, then I’m not going to bother telling you about it. I love having conversations with many people from various backgrounds so that I can have a more profound perspective on who *exactly* benefits most from what I do.

  9. I have been professionally coaching people since 2014, and have been working service industry since 2011. When working with me, rest assured you’re in the hands of someone who understands and respects the various roles and responsibilities of each.

  10. I am self made! The business that you see before you was started and 100% funded by yours truly. It all started when I began collecting my first dollar bills off the floors of dive bars as a starving artist. I am living proof that one small step every day towards your goal WILL pay off if you don’t lose focus.

  11. I also got through college on my own as well. I always had at least 1 job on top of being a full time student because no one was around to pay my bills!

  12. I’ve toured all over the country by myself, too. Traveling alone has hosted some of the most empowering and extraordinary experiences - I’d love to help you gain the confidence and skill set to do this yourself, if you’d like.

  13. I am a lifelong student. Best believe I’m always staying up to date on anything I’m teaching to ensure the efficacy of what you’re receiving.

  14. I went to college for mathematics and anthropology. My thinking has been sculpted to adapt - I am always prepared to meet you in the middle in regards to understanding.

  15. I’ve got some certifications and awards under my belt (learn more in my bio).

  16. I have almost a decade’s worth of therapy under my belt, personally. YAY FOR THERAPY! I’m more than happy to share my experience because I believe therapy can dramatically increase the quality of anyone’s life.

  17. I managed to quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey after a decade’s worth of addiction. And while doing so, I also decided to stop drinking alcohol and haven’t had a drink since 2019. I know what it's like to self medicate, use, abuse, ride the highs, crash in the lows, come out on the other side. I’m happy to direct you towards any resources you may need.

  18. People tell me that my communication style makes them feel safe and comfortable.

  19. I’m not afraid of making mistakes and my confidence doesn’t falter just because something didn’t work out as anticipated. I won’t double down if you say something’s not working for you. Instead, we’ll correct the course until we get it right.

  20. I don’t talk about problems unless I’m willing to help you find a solution. 

  21. I come from the glittery and feathery world of burlesque, and there’s a saying that goes “the best part about burlesque is watching people fall in love with themselves.” I get it, not everyone wants to fall in love with themselves by getting naked in front of strangers in random places. That’s why I distilled my creative process into a more generalized process and created multiple programs!

  22. In my entire performance career, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve called out. Once you’re in my planner, you’re there to stay unless YOU say otherwise.

  23. Anything I write in my journal comes true - I can manifest anything I put my mind and heart to, within reason. Some call it witchcraft, I call it mindfulness and taking control over the variables that are available. I also believe anyone can do this, so I’ll show you how.

  24. I’m in love with Mathematics (btw, this is what a Mathematician looks like. You don’t have to be an old white dood with a beard behind a desk at a prestigious university to have that title). BUT WAIT! I’m not talking formulas and calculations. I’m talking about understanding the fabric of our reality. Math is a language that describes the nature of the universe. Contrary to popular belief, it is not stale, stagnant, or permanent. Not every question has an answer. It is a language that evolves, like us. This helps me become hyper aware of my bias from my experience, so I can set it aside to connect with you.

  25. I’ve been a student of dance for 24 years, and have trained in jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, burlesque, pole, animal, and most recently, shuffling / footwork. I look forward to doing this for the rest of my life and showing you how you can, too.

  26. I am a yogi and specifically enjoy kundalini most, but dabble in all aspects. If you are a yogi too, we’ll be speaking the same language.

  27. I’m a WEIRDO. It is safe to say you’re guaranteed to have a unique experience when working with me.

  28. My very first job was being an entomologist’s research assistant. I counted and collected bugs, then would help with some good old fashioned manual labor on the farm to finish out the day. I saw many steps of the research and development process as a teenager, then would end up working in a lab after college as a sample coordinator and technical writer. My combined experience allows me to understand all the different types of hard work, which in turn, better helps me understand where you’re at - regardless of where that may be.

  29. I am relentless. I can’t be stopped when I put my mind to something. This means I’ll always be the greatest advocate for making progress toward your goals.

  30. I know the difference between they’re, their, and there. PRETTY HANDY.

  31. I’m a morning person - I like to think this is why I’m great at working hard, then playing hard. I don’t waste a single second - until it's time to waste time, of course.

  32. I’ve worked the corporate 9-5 life before, and hit so many highs and lows. I understand what it's like to be simultaneously appreciated and under valued. If your work brings you pain, I’m here to help you heal it.

  33. I’m here to shake up the definition of what it means to be a professional. Why would I go into business to work for myself just to turn around and wear a cultural uniform to “show people” that “I am a professional?” Nahh, professionalism is a mindset, an attitude, and a behavior. It is not an outfit or an expensive website. So while I can’t guarantee you that I’ll show up to our meetings red carpet ready, I can guarantee you receive 100% of my attention when you’re working with me.

  34. I can rephrase anything dozens of times - as many times as it takes - in order for you to understand me. I am a poet, a mathematician, a philosopher, an anthropologist, a creative, and a multi-passionate entrepreneur. It genuinely excites me to find solutions and common ground.

  35. I’ve worked plenty of jobs / gigs that I didn’t like. But I knew the end result was greater than the sum of the separate parts, therefore I pushed through it. I recognize that long term success requires short term compromises. Because of this insight, I am better able to assist you deal with the growing pains of life.

  36. I’ve always been on the high honor roll of any school or university I had attended, but two years before I graduated college, I made very intentional decisions that led me from the top of my class to being placed on the academic probation list. It was one of the best decisions I had ever made. It is a long story, but instead of finishing my degree the easy way, I dove head first into the hardest classes offered on campus. Surviving the ULTIMATE test will always be way cooler to me than easily passing an easier one. I’m not afraid of walking into the fire - I’m afraid of what may happen if I don’t.

  37. One time, I took a cryptography class (the art of encryption and security, it is at the intersection of theoretical mathematics and programming). I am not a programmer. While the rest of my class were programmers and they’d built little apps to do their homework for them, best believe I deciphered complex encryptions by hand… and took 4 hours extra each night on my homework by doing so. It wasn’t that I refused to learn programming, it was more about the fact that I wanted to understand the problem at its CORE and not just rush through the assignment to complete it and have a computer do it for me. Look, if you’re a basketball player, you do push ups at the gym, not at the game right? But the push ups help you play the game better. That was the approach I took with math. If I couldn’t solve it on a chalkboard by myself, then I wasn’t satisfied. I don’t take shortcuts, and I won’t let you do so either.

  38. My business coach told me to make this list. While it wasn’t my idea, it was my execution. A good leader should also understand how to be led.

  39. Over the years, I’ve taught so many people how to do so many varied things, that I’ve come to understand my place on this planet as a Sh*t Starter. I seem to always ask the exact perfect questions that get to the root of the problem almost too quickly for some people’s comfort. This makes me an excellent coach but an EXTREMELY obnoxious person to just exist around if you’re not looking to grow.

  40. Speaking of which, I’m EXCELLENT at the art of transition and growth. I am always feeling growth pains. This makes me primed to be your best support when you need it the most. On the flip side, my persistence on continual growth doesn’t make me very popular with people who like to stand still in life.

  41. I’ve f*cked up PLENTYYYY of times and I have no problem telling you all about it. Ya see, I believe life IS a game. We are here to learn as much as possible because we are the universe experiencing itself. Once you’ve unplugged from the matrix, so to speak, and begin to access the infinite knowledge and wisdom that ISN’T spoonfed to you via society and culture - it’ll feel like you’ve been reborn. But step one is owning up to your mistakes, extracting all the valuable knowledge from them as possible, and having grace for yourself when you didn’t know better.

  42. I am very good at making peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies - not sure how it is relevant here but I'm happy to share the recipe :)

  43.  10 minutes early is on-time to me. If I am ever late to a meeting, you can guarantee I’ll make it up to you in some way.

  44. As a neurodivergent person, I understand what it's like to have YOUR OWN BRAIN be half the battle most days. Due to that, I've found and built many tools to get around the sneaky brain traps of ADHD.

  45. “Why not?” drops out of my mouth at least a few times per week. I come from the belief system that nothing is coincidental. If I am being faced with a decision, there’s a reason. And I rarely back down from a good challenge. This makes me a great advocate, when necessary.

  46. Organization is meditation to me AND I LOVE ITTTTT.

  47. Policies are put into place in order to protect the whole. If any of the T&C’s seem a bit ridiculous, know that something ridiculous DID happen in the past that has caused me to create a healthy boundary. If I am not at my best, that affects all of my other clients too!

  48. I know exactly what I want in life, which is why I’m here.

  49. If you don’t like this list, you definitely should NOT work with me.

  50. This list itself is RIDICULOUS right? Do you know how long it took me to get to 50 reasons why you should work with me? Doesn’t matter. I made it to the finish line. And I’m here to help you do the same.

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