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Bula, Bosses! Kava Bar 101

📣Attention all Kava and Non-Alc industry professionals: this was made for you 📣

Introducing the Bula Boss: Kava Bar 101 Master Course and Group Program - where you have access to hours of course material on 20+ hot industry topics AND receive weekly live group calls with me ✨💪

This program is for:

🌺 Kava / Non-Alc Lounge owners

🌺 Aspiring Kava / Non-Alc entrepreneurs

🌺 CPG brand owner selling to sober spaces

🌺 Anyone else in the space who wants their fingers directly on the pulse of the non-alc and kava bar movement!

This is the 2nd Master course we have launched this year 🥲 and this one is so jam packed with information and support because it's our love letter to the industry that has given space for many miracles.

The Bula Boss program is not only designed to give you the info you need, but it has been intentionally crafted to also deliver you the SUPPORT you deserve 🌺🙏

Even if you've been in the game for years, you deserve support. As much as your employees have your back, they are your employees. You need a space to resolve the unique pain points that only YOUR entrepreneurial position encounters.

It's just different 🤷‍♀️

So in these live group sessions, we get all your questions answered and we host discussions on various topics that are MOST important to the group.

It's a tailor-made experience 🪡

BONUS! You get access to a VIP group to connect with other participants AND that group also contains additional free workshops and resources 🙌

Program officially starts on Monday May 6th (aka that's when the $100 discount goes away) 🎉


Head to the link in bio now, scroll to Bula Boss, and you'll find the discount code + registration 🔗

Email for questions 📩


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