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When People Don't See Your Value

Bula, friends🥂 If you need some biz inspo, read on 👇

It is so normal for people to not easily see your value.

Or understand your mission.

Or know how your biz operates.

Excellence is not common 👑

Nor are people's abilities to KNOW excellence when they are in the presence of it...

Most people are in their own worlds with zero context as to what sort of magic you bring to the table 🪄

Their belief system holds them back.

Their lack of understanding holds them back.

Their inability to ask questions holds them back.

The worst part?

The people who need your help the most are likely not going to see that you are the key to unlocking their potential 🔓

So this means you, biz owner, are constantly learning how to market yourself better, how to get your business in front of more of the right people, and how to avoid putting YOURSELF in situations that make you feel taken advantage of OR that make you feel like you're losing out on so much more opportunity.

The truth is - business is a numbers game.

The moment you get stuck on an iffy number, the opportunity-cost meter begins to rise.

Aka, when you lose momentum, you lose money 💸

So how do you maintain momentum?

⭐ Faith

⭐ Consistency

⭐ Environment

Believe in yourself.

Show up for yourself and others.

Choose your holistic diet and mentors carefully.

So ask yourself,

Are you maintaining momentum?

In what ways does your business help others maintain momentum?

If you're a non-alc or kava bar owner (or want to be) and would like to learn more about making your operation ICONIC - check out the Bula Boss program now (link in bio) ✅

✨ if you're in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend you check @merakikavabarphx out! Their menu is phenomenal and so are the vibes ✨


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