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Marilyn "Marina Mars" Matusky || Phoenix, Arizona (USA)

🎭 Award Winning Traveling Showgirl + Event Producer (2014-2020)

🍵 Alcohol-Free Beverage & Hosting Expert (2011-Present)

@fazolisitalian → @senchateabar → Nutritional Chemistry Lab → @lacunakavabar

🥳 I believe fun shouldn't hurt so much.

Read on for:

🌱 Delicious drink recipes
🌱 Botanical culture and care
🌱 Sobriety inspiration
🌱 Hospitality hot takes
🌱 Bartending. serving, and management tips

🌱 Entrepreneurial stories & lessons
🌱 Local Arizona community & experiences
🐕 ...and special appearances by cute doggos named Honey and Wiley

Are you a restaurant or bar owner looking for help:

👉creating a zero-proof menu for adults who still want to feel amazing?

👉setting up more organized operational systems?

👉need a guest speaker with 12+ years of experience in the industry to bring valuable hospitality and sales advice to your staff meetings?

 📨 Send an email to to learn more!

Review Policy:

  • I am accepting new products and services for review!

  • I do not promote anything alcohol-related.

  • If I am approached about a product I do not like, I will decline the collaborative opportunity.

  • Send an email to to get your product or service reviewed & featured!



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