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Botanical Boosts for Athletes

🌿✨ Dive into the world of sober living and botanical boosts on this week's episode of "Mocktails with Marina," featuring the vibrant Evie Castillo! 🎧🍹

kavatender stories

In this episode, we explore the exciting alternatives to alcohol with a deep dive into the benefits of kava and speciosa for athletes and active folks. 🌱💪

From enhancing physical endurance to promoting muscle recovery, discover how natural supplements can elevate your health and energy levels.

Join us as we share tips on crafting delicious functional mocktails that not only taste great but are packed with wellness benefits. 🍸🌺

Plus, get the inside scoop on managing sober space events, facing venue challenges, and innovative promotion strategies for non-alcoholic bars. 🎤🎉

Whether you're planning your next event or just curious about alcohol-free living, this episode is your go-to for inspiration and fresh ideas. Don't miss out on redefining relaxation and energy in your life!


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