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Notes on Building a Successful Business with Thoughtful Intention

This goes out to all the kava & non-alc entrepreneurs out there looking to increase their knowledge & savvy in the industry from the perspective of a non-alc hospitality operations NERD:

I woke up this morning feeling DIFFERENT. All entrepreneurs go through the highs and the lows of business. No matter how put together any brand looks, we're ALL trying to figure it out as we go.

Not knowing the details doesn't stop us because we've got a mission.

That means that on MISSION SUCCESS! days, we feel ecstatic, everything feels like it makes sense, and you get the best sleep of your life!

Other days, we cry out of nowhere from utter exhaustion, trying to make non-sense make sense. While these days are in-the-moment painful, the reward on the other side is WORTH persevering through.

Yesterday was one of those "cry through the pain of the chaos" types of days for me, and I remember asking myself, how can I better serve as many others as possible, even those who cannot afford it, and still continue to get our internal bills paid? Outside of my already-scheduled meetings, I spent the day with family to heal from the anxiety that NUKED the rest of my productivity.

Today I woke up and the answer just...

arrived into my brain with my first few blinks of the day.

Every time I launch a new paid workshop or mini course, I'm going to make all the LIVE sessions free, and only charge for the recordings.

So if you REALLY want to be there, you'll be there.

You'll find the time.

You don't have money?

Then you have nothing BUT time to barter with.

So that's all I'm asking for.

Your time :)

And if you can't move things around to make it live, there's the "I want to work on my own time" tax.


I don't say any of this to be judgmental or rude, in fact, the opposite! I'd like to provide you with incentive and accountability to actually follow through and WATCH the recording.

Let's face it... how many free things are dying in your inbox, trash, or spam folders right now?

If time is our biggest asset, then that's the approach we'll be doubling down on here at The Modern Mocktail moving forward.

I think it feels different because if you're paying for access to a workshop / mini-course recording, or the All Access Workshop Pass (that gives you all recordings EVERY month + more direct access to me), you're essentially paying it forward for those who could only afford to show up live with their time <3

You're helping us support someone who has the DRIVE and GRIT to show up, but doesn't yet have the financial means to break this particular glass ceiling. Know that your payments are just another way to give the community the support you know day-one you would've TREASURED.

We're here to help you up-level your non-alc venture with the same level of thoughtfulness.

Courses, workshops & more:

So, that being said, allow me to introduce...

Functional Non-Alc Marketing

a FREE 3 day LIVE experience that walks you through the nuanced art of marketing functional non-alc beverage programs, products, and campaigns.

We focus on developing wellness programs to attract niche market customers, care for regulars, and expand your business intentionally.

We will learn a marketing strategy that carries your non-alc customers through a transformative journey. This technique works regardless of what corner of the industry you work in because self healing, learning, and growing is something on just about EVERYONE'S mind in the non-alc space due to the simple yet profound choice of abstaining from alcohol (to at least some degree).


Whether you want to host sobriety challenges, create a calendar of drinks for people to try, help people develop new habits, or you have another fun wellness journey idea, this 3-part mini-course is all about creating informative educational material that connects YOUR products / services directly into the heart of your consumers / customers / clients.

By the end of this 3-part mini-course, you will have been guided through creating a wellness program and launch plan to skyrocket your sales AND your impact.

Day 1: Wellness, Decide the Journey

Tuesday, May 14th at 9am-10am pacific via Zoom*

Day 2: Ingredients, Decide the "Recipe" Concepts

Wednesday, May 15th at 9am-10am pacific via Zoom*

Day 3: Marketing, Craft the (Educational) Campaign

Thursday, May 16th at 9am-10am pacific via Zoom*


Can't make it to the live session? No worries!

You can buy access to the recording for only $37 afterwards.


The recording is included as part of the All Access Workshop (& Mini-Course) Pass:

all access workshop pass

Let's talk about what this whole update means for the All Access Workshop (& Mini-Course) Pass.

This $37/month subscription gives you access to ALL previous workshop and mini-course recordings, and free access to all workshops and mini-course recordings held in the month.

You'll also receive exclusive access to my one-one-one hourly consultation link where you can add a meeting to MY calendar any time you need it. This link is not available to the public.

This All Access Workshop Pass was created as a means for the ready-to-go entrepreneurs to gain monthly exclusive access to all recordings and ME! Within this All Access Pass is the LOWEST hourly consultation rate I offer... period. Best part? You book it anytime you want! You click one link, my AI assistant will book you instantly, and I'll show up on your google calendar anytime you need me for anything under the non-alc / kava umbrella.

If this sounds interesting to you, click this link.


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