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When Success Can COST You

People quit their businesses for a variety of reasons - it is not all about money 💸

When we reach for greatness, others around us watch and sometimes ask "Weren't we good enough for you? Why do you need more?"

Their scarcity mindset starts to make you feel small, misunderstood. You started business to HELP people and make an IMPACT. Abundance is a side effect of that, but your scarce people can't see that.

They think we judge them just because we chose differently in our lives than them.

This grief we feel from the loss of old friendships that didn't have room for our growth comes from MIRROR NEURONS.

We as humans are programmed, to various degrees, to reflect our environment. Empaths are known for having extremely sensitive mirror neurons.

So when we show people they CAN do better, because they saw us do better, the insecurity demon is sometimes SUMMONED.

On this path, we find various monsters, not just insecurity demons. But this is a special grieving process, because you only wanted to help...

Not to worry, as space opens up in your life, new supportive people will have more room to be welcomed in 🕊️

The women in this video have been a part of my life for YEARS and never, ever made me feel bad for striving for the next best thing 🥺💕 but it took me years to find them.

If you feel alone in this moment, know you are never alone. You are on a mission that's much larger than any individual.

The Vibe Tribe:

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