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Hi, I'm Marina.

pole dancing, burlesque, dance, fitness, lifestyle

Stories, like forests, are subject to season.

Through the years, I've worked in multiple professions that all have one thing in common - I like to serve people the drinks and experiences that help frame their best memories.

I've been serving my family coffee since I was 4, and every job since has been a subconscious ode to that time. Back in 2012, I went to college for Theoretical Mathematics while I was simultaneously becoming an award winning traveling showgirl, burlesque performer, pole dancer, podcast host, show producer, and model. While doing so, I always held onto a supportive job position in the food/beverage service industry or in the adjacent nutritional chemistry testing industry. So I've spent well over a decade working on both sides of the bar, and very intimately with 1000's of unique ingredients.


When the pandemic caused the quarantines and shut downs in 2020, it forced me to reevaluate my income streams, purpose, and direction. I spent that year working on refining and refueling my endeavors.


Nowadays, I'm an Alcohol-Free Hosting Expert currently working in the Kava and Botanical bar industry. I'm the ringleader of both Lacuna Kava Bar (Chief Operating Officer) and Functional Flow Academy (Founder, Owner, Creator). Since I quit drinking alcohol in 2019, it has really become my passion to create menus and businesses that support a holistic lifestyle of flow. With my team, I'm working on creating more online educational resources to help both casual consumers and business professionals who would like to better understand the Kava and Botanical beverage industry.

*If you're looking for a better understanding of Flow, information relating to the kava / kratom industry, zero-proof beverage menu & recipe creation consultation, bar management consultation, event management consultation, or potential kava bar franchising opportunities, please fill out this contact form.

Click on any of the images below to learn more about my entertainment industry work.

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