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You, the modern celebrator, understand that true liberation comes from choices that enhance your life, not detract from it.

You are courageous, not just in how you celebrate, but in how you embrace life itself. You see the world with clarity and choose to meet change with an open heart and a curious mind.

You seek experiences that add value, not complications. Your desire is to create and enjoy experiences that are not only delicious but also beneficial, contributing positively to your wellbeing and that of your guests. You're in pursuit of solutions that bring more harmony into your life, your business, and your special moments.

Feeling great, looking great, and living in a state of flow are not just aspirations but a way of life for you. Your pleasure comes from being abundant in all aspects of life, serving others effortlessly, and celebrating life in ways that leave lasting, joyous memories. You're about making every moment count and ensuring that those moments are remembered fondly. This is for you.


Welcome to The Modern Mocktail. 

We specialize in building, operating, and expanding kava bars and alcohol-free lounges through intentional atmosphere & menu design, product education, flexible operational systems, diversifying revenue streams, and strategic collaborations w/ reputable distributors & manufacturers.


We also advise and consult for beverage companies entering the kava bar and alcohol-free space; providing strategy and resources to successfully market to the individuals in this particular space.

We create free guides, host free Q&A sessions, offer workshops, lead group programs, and provide one-on-one services for our clients. No matter your budget, we've got something for you.


We are your go-to source for ALL things under the kava and alcohol-free umbrella.​​​

Workshops and Q&As with Marina Castillo
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☝️ Click the photos above to learn more ☝️​​​

Are you looking for 1:1 Business Consulting,

or our Operations Set-Up Services?

We offer Do-For-You services!


Menu Building & Graphic Design Examples:

Client Proof (Tea Bar Main Menu)

Client Proof (Kava Bar Main Menu)

Client Proof (Kava Bar To-Go Menu)

Client Proof (Kava Bar Catering & Events Menu)

Other Do-For-You Services in the

Kava / Non-Alc spaces (beyond consulting):


🌟 Educational Materials for Staff & Customers 🌟

🌟 Functional Non-Alc Menu Building & Design 🌟

🌟 Social Media Strategy & Management 🌟

🌟 Template building (marketing) 🌟

🌟 Content Creation 🌟

🌟 Non-Alc / Kava Event Planning & Hosting 🌟

🌟 Operations dashboard set up 🌟

🌟 Template building (operations) 🌟

🌟 Database building (operations) 🌟

🌟 HR process building (operations) 🌟

🌟 Industry research and networking 🌟

🌟 Herbalism & Formulation 🌟

🌟 CPG Process 🌟

& MORE!​​​

Behind every great mocktail and every great business system, there's a dynamic duo stirring up magic at The Modern Mocktail.


Meet Marina and Tyler Castillo, the husband and wife team who are the heartbeat of our courses, consultations and creations. Together, they blend their unique skills – from zero-proof mixology to community building in every sense – creating more than just drinks; they're crafting an experience.

This power couple tackles everything together, from innovating new drink recipes to hosting community education events and teaching others how to do so, too. Their partnership is the secret ingredient to the warm, welcoming atmosphere you'll find working with The Modern Mocktail. Whether they're shaking up a storm with fresh menus, helping a team learn to flow, organizing a bar, lounge, or coffee shop for maximizing processes (and profit), Marina and Tyler are the true embodiment of love, teamwork, abundance, and passion.

Tyler and Marina Castillo
Functional Mixology

At The Modern Mocktail, we're more than just a management education, consultation, zero-proof menu creation, and event services company -

we're storytellers at heart.

Each drink we craft isn't just a beverage,

each process we smooth out isn't just a relief;

it's a narrative in a glass, a tale of flavors, history, and artistry.

It's a story of triumph over chaos, and growth over defeat.

Our journey is about rediscovering the lost art of storytelling through our drinks, and through the workplace cultures we help to reorient. We delve deep into the origins of each ingredient, exploring its history and cultural significance.


This isn't just mixology; it's a celebration of stories from around the globe, brought to life in every sip.

Community – it's more than a word; it's the heart of every thriving space, and at The Modern Mocktail, we're passionate about nurturing it.


Creating a community isn't just about gathering people; it's about fostering connections, understanding, and a sense of belonging.

Building a community means striking a balance – between maintaining a safe, respectful environment and encouraging it to evolve and expand. It's about creating a space where everyone feels welcome and valued, a place where people can come together, share, and grow without fear.

At The Modern Mocktail, we don't just help create healthier workplaces and communities; we nurture living, breathing spaces where people can be their true selves, respectfully. There's nothing that will make or break your business more than the investment you put into your team.



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