Give Yourself Permission to Love

(Pictured at Chic Boutique in Alpine, CA)

Yes! Love what you do! Don't get me wrong - every day is not as beautiful as my Instagram feed. But if you waste your days waiting for the better days that are "ahead of you" they will actually never happen. Its all about the habits you create for yourself. It takes a lot of work to be happy. It isn't even necessarily "fun" at first because you'll be distracted by whatever you're used to worrying about. Eventually you'll realize that you deserve the R&R inside of happy. It will be as necessary as your morning cup of coffee or washing your feet after a long day. People ask me how I became a traveling showgirl, how I just picked up my life and spontaneously moved to Las Vegas, why I choose the art life everyday even though I'm a mathematician. The answer is simple. I am NOT special. I am NOT unique. There is NOTHING about me that is extraordinary. I do not come from money. Paid for my own college and worked 40 hours a week all 5 years. Just give yourself permission to love your life. You're the only thing standing in the way. Stop blaming the world around you and take control.

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