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Sober Curious? You Need an Alcohol-Free Hosting Expert (like me!)

It is my pleasure to help people cross over into the alcohol-free way of life,

online or at the bar. See what people have said about their time spent

with me as their kavatender at @lacunakavabar:

Are you #sobercurious?

Has the modern healthcare system let you down?

Are you looking for new connections that support your goals?

Go to a kava bar 🌺✌️

Go to a sober bar 🌺✌️

Go to a botanical bar 🌺✌️

STOP going to alcohol-only bars 🚫

Are you a restaurant or bar owner looking for help:

👉creating a zero-proof menu for adults who still want to feel amazing?

👉setting up more organized operational systems?

👉need a guest speaker with 11+ years of experience in the industry to bring valuable hospitality and sales advice to your staff meetings?

Send me an email 📨


📸 Photo taken in March 2022 with my fellow kavatenders during a staff meeting; featuring the amazing @nothannahsmith, @eddie.higginson, @stephaniecasty, and @wil.dix

I am grateful for every person I've had the privilege of calling my coworker, and every experience I've had behind the bar with them as a result of it. Sure, the service industry has a high turnover rate, but when you're a life-longer like me, you learn to take every shift one day at a time and recognize that the only constant is change 💫

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