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How to Open Your Kava Bar or Non-Alc Lounge

Have no fear - your NA business bestie is here 👋💕

On my quest to create and deliver as many tools and educational resources as possible to the non-alc industry, I've found that the top 5 requests this season are...

"I want to start a kava / non-alc bar but am unsure of the details."

"I want to make a non-alc canned beverage but unsure of who to trust."

"I want to vertically integrate my non-alc biz but not sure what's next."

"I want to develop a really kickass non-alc menu but feel creatively blocked."

"I want to uplevel my non-alc bar brand awareness and uplevel our social media presence in a way that actually drives sales."

If you're curious about the answers to those questions, keep reading.

In my experience, kava bars and non-alc lounges / bottle shops are BOOMING! I've even met non-alc business owners that are pulling in over $1 million per month...

What's their secret?

Spoiler alert: There's not one big secret, but rather, a series of small action items, company culture components, and operational systems that build up the non-alc business to exponentially grow.

All the small action items I'm talking about are NOT out of reach.

In fact, the only thing you need to start is COMMITMENT to the vision, and FAITH in yourself because everything else I can teach you.

I've got a "How to Open a Kava Bar / Alcohol-Free Lounge" Workshop happening live on Tuesday, April 16th at 9am pacific via Zoom. Click here to learn more and sign up!

Even if you can't make it live - there will be a recording, so your schedule won't make you lose out.



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