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If you've ever wanted to open a non-alc lounge or kava bar, this is THE time to start 💸💕

Bula, Boss ✨

You know it is a great idea and opportunity to open up your own non-alcoholic bar but maybe there are some mental or tactical barriers standing in your way.

Whether it comes down to the operational side of things, the ingredients and regulations, the atmosphere creation and resources for sobriety, or maybe, you want to learn more about the art of functional mocktails first.

It’s time to sit down with all the scraps and make it make sense 💡

Let’s decide what’s necessary and what’s not.

Let’s get momentum building on our idea.

It all comes down to committing to the vision -

In the LIVE “How to Open a Kava Bar / Alcohol-Free Lounge” workshop on Tuesday, I’ll be introducing you to:

🥥 Introduction to Kava Bar Culture

🥥 Case Studies of Successful Kava Bars

🥥 Differentiating Kava Bars from Traditional Bars and Coffee Shops

🥥 Challenges Unique to Kava Bars and How to Overcome Them


Can’t make it to the workshop live? NO PROBLEM!

A recording will be made available one hour after the workshop have been completed. This recording will be sent to everyone who signs up, regardless if you were in live attendance or not.

BONUS: You’ll learn about my new in-depth, 8-week-long Bula Boss program that will be live Monday, May 6th (and you’ll receive a discount code!) 🌺


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