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Exploring the Culture and Community of Kava Bars with @arianarfoshag

🍵✨ Welcome to a space where tranquility meets tradition, and every sip tells a story. In this special episode of #MocktailsWithMarina, we're venturing into the heart of the kava bar experience with the incredible @arianarfoshag. From the challenges of maintaining a sober space to the joys of fostering a supportive community, we delve deep into what makes kava bars a haven for those on their sobriety journey. 🌿💫⠀

Mocktails with Marina feat Ariana Foshag

But there's more—Ariana shares her personal transition story of becoming a part of the kava community, highlighting the impact of these unique environments on mental health and social connections. 🌺🔄⠀

Join us as we discuss the importance of quality, education, and setting boundaries within these spaces, and the role of kavatenders in guiding the experience. Whether you're curious about kava, speciosa, or seeking a new community, this episode offers a refreshing perspective on alternative social settings. 🎧💬⠀

Tune in, find your tribe, and sip on something truly special. Let's raise our mocktails to the journey ahead. 🥂✨


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