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How to Embrace Sober Socializing: A Conversation with Ellie St. Aubin from Dry in the Desert

🌵✨ Dive into the world of sober socializing with Episode 16 of #MocktailswithMarina, featuring the amazing Ellie St. Aubin from @dryinthedesert

Mocktails with Marina

🍹💫 Discover how Ellie’s journey with Dry in the Desert is redefining nightlife and social events in Phoenix, offering chic, alcohol-free alternatives that promise fun without the hangover.

From the birth of a movement to the challenges of carving a niche in a market thirsty for change, this episode is all about celebrating life’s moments, soberly and stylishly.

Take a guess... What percentage of people do you think Ellie serves are sober vs just choosing a non-alc drink for the moment? 🤔🧐

The results may shock you... In a good way!

This episode is really great for #sobercurious individuals who would like to learn more about socializing with the same people, even if your people still drink alcohol and you don't 🥂

Tune in to explore the landscape of non-alcoholic beverages, the power of supporting small businesses, and the magic behind creating spaces where everyone feels welcome.

Let’s toast to a new era of inclusivity and innovation in socializing! 🌟


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