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Ever wonder how kava is made? 🤔🧐

Let's get to the root of these roots ⬇️

Nestled in the verdant landscapes of the South Pacific, kava begins its life in soils rich with tradition and history. For 3-5 years, these plants mature under the nurturing care of local farmers, deeply rooted in centuries-old practices that honor both land and culture. 🌱

Each kava root is harvested at the peak of potency, ensuring every batch is imbued with the maximum calming effects.

The journey doesn’t stop there. Once harvested, the roots undergo a meticulous process of drying and grinding, transforming them into the fine powder that is essential for crafting the perfect kava brew. 🍵

This powder then sets sail across the ocean, destined to bring a piece of Pacific serenity to bustling American lives.

Note: some farmers send the roots directly to the US where their stateside partners process and grind. Regardless of process, all US distributors are required by the FDA to send their kava into quarantine and third party lab testing to ensure safety ✨

(Never ever ever buy kava from anyone who can't provide a COA proving the safety of the kava. DM me if you want to know which kava supplier I trust and love the most 💕)

Finally, kava finds a new home in cozy kava bars and households alike, where it's celebrated for its unique ability to soothe and calm without clouding the mind. Every cup serves as a bridge connecting two worlds, from island tranquility to your urban retreat. 🌺🏙️

Embrace the spirit of kava and let it transport you to a place of peace and community. 🌊🍂

Want to learn more? Take my "how to open a non-alc lounge and kava bar workshop" 🥂

🌺🥥 Featured in video: Bula Bonding! This happens every day at @merakikavabarphx at 6pm 🥥🌺


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