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Shifts, Moments & Flashbacks: 2 Years of Lacuna Kava Bar

There are some MASSIVE shifts happening... and I want to tell you about them 🥳🎈

Last week, we celebrated @lacunakavabar's 4 year anniversary! (Coincidentally, that also means it's my 2 year anniversary at Lacuna ✨)

Kava bars aren't easy ventures by any stretch of the imagination. We've got layers of red tape that other similar industries don't have to even think about. (Do you know how long it look us to find a credit card processor? Do you know what it's like to operate a business next to a major construction site? Do you know how often we have to teach government officials about what we do? 🤣)

I want to tell you what our secret sauce is...

Commitment to the vision ✅

Why? Because it isn't easy to keep up with the marathon that is growing a business that no one else has quite done before (in case you didn't know, we are Arizona's first kava bar, and we're just getting started).

The fact is that this is a small business run by the real people you meet when you walk in the bar. We all come from different backgrounds, experiences, education paths, and environments but we have all faced the current status quo and said "no thanks 😊🙏"

We believe in our ability to create and consume products we trust. We believe in our ability to listen to the needs of others and respond accordingly. We have the courage to learn and lead in a very public setting, subject to the critique of anyone that walks in.

For some people, Lacuna is a lily pad to help them get through a life transition. For others (like @t_ray_castiway and myself), it is a culmination of their life's work and they're in it for the long haul. Whatever it means to you and however long you're here, we're grateful 💫

A huge thanks to every person that was walked into Lacuna and purchased a drink - every penny of energy you bring in helps us create and give more energy in return.

We have some INCREDIBLE new products and services being added to the Lacuna-sphere in the next year and I can't wait to share them with you 🌺💕


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