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Do you have a cathartic meme folder that is filled with workplace related commentary on surviving narcissistic bosses or chaotic environments?

Do you fantasize setting your workplace on fire?

Are you a confused business owner, feeling disconnected from your vision to your reality?

Do you want to start a business but fear leading your team wrong, or not being able to effectively lead others?

Are you a regular at an establishment you used to love but said establishment has since gone downhill or needs help keeping up with volume?

Or maybe, none of the above applies and you just want to be the FN best on the block and blow all the competition out of the water

- no matter your angle, let's SPILL THAT TEA 🍵

I'll start by giving a quick background on business operations - its such a broad term that covers all aspects of how a business functions.

I'll also give my backstory, all the way up to when and WHY I quit working at my last job (yesss let's spill that tea, too 🍵)


So when I say I'm a business operations expert, you'll see how and why I got here.

This is helpful for those who are in business.

This is helpful for those who want to start a business.

This is helpful for people who work for businesses.

This is helpful for people who have to be on any team.

It's tea time, which, as my clients and colleagues know you're about to received unfiltered, unadulterated Marina 🔥

After I give you context, I'll open the floor to any and all questions related to business operations, the service industry, zero proof lifestyle, and everything in between.

Think of me as @jontaffer of @barrescuetv except in the zero proof service and nightlife context 😎

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Still register, send me your questions, I'll answer them on the call and send you a recording. There's no need for you to miss out when it's 2024 and we have great tech!


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