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Calling all Kava & Non-Alc Bosses

📣 ROLL CALL: who is looking to open or optimize their kava bar or non-alc lounge? 📣

I've got an exciting new program coming up called Bula Boss (it won't officially launch until May 6th) but I'm looking for 5 people who want to MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW.

While I'm in beta building mode, I'm offering a special discount to 5 people who want to:

✨ dive deeper into the industry

✨ define kava culture and its origins

✨ learn about the latest trends

✨ discuss what is keeping your profits low

✨ discover more about great design (bar + menu)

✨ unlock the BEST social media strategy

✨ talk about staff retention and (re)trainings

✨ confirm what you're doing is legal & to code

✨. ...and SO MUCH MORE.

The first 5 people to enroll before 5/1 will receive:

📨 Free 30 minute strategy session with me

📨 A $100 off discount code

📨 Immediate access to Module 1

📨 BONUS: access to FREE workshops!

📨 Special discount on my 1:1 services

📣 This offer expires Sunday May 5th 📣

Check out the Bula Boss program if this interests you at all - I'm here to help you close ANY gaps you have. I can guarantee you'll make your money back on this program... if you choose to show up 💪

If you don't... 🤷‍♀️ I wish you the best of luck, and I really hope you've got the funds and time to learn everything the hard way. Just know I'll still be here for you! (though, my prices may increase)


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