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Join me for a FREE and open-ended Q&A sesh 💕


Whether you found me through zero proof lifestyle topics, business management topics, or have been following my journey since my dancing and show production days, this time is for YOU to pick my brain on any topic under the zero proof lifestyle, nightlife, and business umbrella.


I want to chat with you!


Do you want to uplevel your business’ operations?
Brand awareness?
Company culture?


Are you looking to open a zero proof lounge, kava bar, or other community space?


We’ve got so much to catch up on.




I will also be sharing a very real story with those who attend…


I’ve worked for businesses of all sizes over the years, and the ones who succeed vs the ones who don’t have a very specific commonality -


(and no, that commonality is NOT a shiny piece of technology nor something an AI can do) -


It always comes down to the company culture. 


How are you addressing your staff, and providing necessary information to them in order for them to complete their job duties effectively? 


If there’s a break in the chain, are you blaming the chain, or are you looking for the pain points and solutions?


True growth mindset doesn’t take control, bark orders, or blame others. 

True leaders remain open to the ideas of others and learn to collaborate effectively, while dictators force their one-sided ideas and blame others for their own ideas inevitably not working.


The tragedy of it all?


No one ever wants to be an asshole 

So those who do the most damage often aren’t aware of the pain they're inflicting until it has already been done.


Let’s do what we can to avoid having your business or project fall so deeply into chaos, everyone wants to quit.


Instead, let’s do what we can to make your business one of their favorite places on the planet


Doing what we can = Building (eco)systems


Can’t make it to the live sesh? No problem! 

A recording will be made available for you and sent out via email within 60 minutes of the workshop ending. Sign up for the live sesh anyways so you get all the information you need. 


You’ll also be provided with a link to submit any and all questions you have. I’ll be sure to hit as many topics as I possibly can so ask away!!


🌟👉 BONUS: Attend this Q&A sesh, and you can receive a $50 credit towards the Effortless Operations program (you’ll receive a promo code at the end of the sesh that you can use to apply towards any single or bundled Effortless Operations experience) 👈🌟

2/27 FREE Q&A Sesh: Operations and Beyond

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