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Build effective systems that work for you now so you don’t have to work later 💸💕

You’re a visionary ✨

It is time to amplify the effects of what you do.

You know exactly where you’re aiming your arrow, even if you aren’t aware of the details quite yet 🏹

You know what you want to work on, but need a structure to contain:

🖇️ all the data

🖇️ project notes

🖇️ to do lists

🖇️ deadlines

🖇️ resources

…and a structure to even collaborate within.

You need it to effortlessly integrate into all the other things going on because, after all, you’re a busy person with a lot going on.

You’ve been busy with business (and life), and you’ve got phone notes, papers, emails, and post-it notes EVERYWHERE.

It’s time to sit down with all the scraps and make it make sense 💡

Join me for a two hour jam packed workshop filled with so many actionable steps to take your next brilliant idea to the finish line through the use of SYSTEMS and SOPs 💪

SOP = standard operating procedures

Aka something most companies write in boring, patronizing, unhelpful ways.

I'm here to help you learn how to communicate with investors, managers, staff members in a way that EXCITES THEM 🔥 but also leaves your business in a highly impactful, profitable, and trackable state - just the way we always wanted it to be.

Be proud of what you've accomplished so far!

Honor it by taking it to the next level 🥂

(PLUS a live feedback sesh will be held at the end of the workshop for those who want to dive deeper with me) ✨

💌 Tuesday, February 20th at 11am PST

Recording will be provided to all who purchase, even if they can't attend the live session! You can even submit questions!!

📚📱 @enjoymodernmocktails @functionalflowapp

👖👒 @breezi.legwarmers


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