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Welcome to the SOP 101 Workshop - Your Blueprint For Success


Build effective systems that work for you now so you don’t have to work later 💸💕




You’re a visionary ✨


It is time to amplify the effects of what you do.


You know exactly where you’re aiming your arrow, even if you aren’t aware of the details quite yet 🏹


You know what you want to work on, but need a structure to contain:

🖇️ all the data
🖇️ project notes
🖇️ to do lists
🖇️ deadlines
🖇️ resources

…and a structure to even collaborate within. 


You need it to effortlessly integrate into all the other things going on because, after all, you’re a busy person with a lot going on.


You’ve been busy with business (and life), and you’ve got phone notes, papers, emails, and post-it notes EVERYWHERE.


It’s time to sit down with all the scraps and make it make sense 💡


It all comes down to systems -


When we don’t create them, maintain them, and archive them from time to time, our businesses will experience pain points that can result in:

😥 profit loss
😥 unhappy employees
😥 missed opportunities


When we create, expand, and live within the intentional systems we create, our businesses will experience:

💎 ease within our project management and execution
💎 increased revenue and impact
💎 increased satisfaction, motivation, and energy levels


The Blueprint for Success workshop and open feedback session is aimed to help you take the first few, most difficult steps in getting your operations together in a coherent, professional manner.




Let’s face it -


If you have an uneasy feeling or an area of opportunity within your business that you’d like to act on, the best time to do something about it is now.


This means you need to be able to leave the typical daily operations in order to innovate.

In order to leave the typical daily operations, you need to create systems that support you and can ensure your vision remains intact as you step out to do what you need to do 📈


If you can’t replace yourself at a moment’s notice, you’ve got work to do in your business. It’s time to make more SOPs, delegate, and hire or promote more people.


How can you make wise, precise decisions if you can’t be informed enough to do so?


PS: This isn’t just for new entrepreneurs - this is for the veterans, too! 


Everyone has seasons of building, growing, feast, and famine. In order to make the best decisions, we have to keep our operations in order ✅


Let’s gather all your business & project notes together and begin the sort so that we can set up our Operations Dashboard.


In this two hour long session I’ll present some slides and some knowledge bombs, but I’ll also leave a lot of room for active implementation and feedback based on prompts provided in the workshop. I’m here for YOU! This is a workshop with guided IMPLEMENTATION!


By the time you leave, you’ll have already taken multiple steps towards your next target.


🌟👉 BONUS: Take this workshop, and you can apply a special promo code credit towards the Effortless Operations program (you’ll receive a promo code at the end of the workshop that you can use to apply towards any single or bundled Effortless Operations experience) 👈🌟

SOP 101 Workshop

$98.00 Regular Price
$37.00Sale Price
  • All sales are FINAL. There are no returns or refunds to be given. Sales are non-transferrable from client to client. If any exceptions are to be made, it is completely up to Marina Mars LLC. Seller also reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

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