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Unwind with Kava: A Podcast for Wellness, Sobriety, and Service Industry Insights

If you like kava, wellness, and expert-level service industry anecdotes with advice - this was made for you🎙️💕

🥂 Listen now! Click here 🥂

I started this podcast as a resource for:

✨ Kava culture - everyone who loves it!

✨ Sobriety (recovering out loud and proud)

✨ Service industry pros who want to hear great advice while being entertained by the tea I spill along the way

✨ Business owners who have great ideas but just need some extra help with the operational execution of them

✨ Dreamers who want to open up their own kava bar / zero proof lounge or non alcoholic bottle shop

✨ What NOT to do - there are bad actors in the world and I'm here to help you not fall prey to their terrible products

What's important to know about the kava / mocktail / non-alc industries right now:

🤯 There's so much demand and not enough product

🤯 There's so much demand for non-alc lounges

🤯 There's no such thing as over saturated competition in this industry right now due to the first 2 points

🤯 This is a young industry, which means I haven't met another consultant who understands this crossover yet!

🤯 Unfortunately there are some BAD products out there

🤯 It is very possible to make real money here

🤯 You can succeed here if you haven't worked a service industry job before... IF you have the right mentor (👋!)

🤯 If you aren't interested in having a professional help you understand serving sizes, thinking you can figure this industry out via Google, then you go and open a shop with a bad menu that doesn't care for people's wellness, I will find it and I will say something about it. My #1 drive right now is getting the bad actors OUT OF HERE!!!

🤯 If you're not interested in helping sober people, you won't succeed in this industry

🥂 Listen now! Click here 🥂

If you're one of my regular listeners, you have no idea how much I love making this for you. Please continue to listen, give feedback, and tell me what you want to hear me talk more about 📣

🌺 If you leave a 5 star review on any platform for the podcast, send me a screenshot and I will send you a credit to attend any one of my live workshops for FREE! (*offer good until Dec 2024) 🌺


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