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Unpopular opinion: Las Vegas is more fun to experience without alcohol. I'll prove it 🥰

I'll be sharing reels of local businesses and experiences that pair nicely with your zero proof lifestyle.

You'll be learning from someone who has lived here for almost 4 years, who used to perform on the strip here, and who recently came back from Phoenix after having spent the last 3 years refining my zero proof hosting skills from the executive and venue side of the business.

First stop: @thewlvsdenkava 🥥🌴

This is currently Las Vegas' ONLY kava bar (recently bought from @9th_islandkava) and while this new iteration of the business is only 3 months old, the intention and the vision are present.

They're thoughtful about their ingredients - we got to catch up with their delightful general manager, Andres, and he said his goal this season is to ensure there is absolutely no high fructose corn syrup, with an emphasis on sourcing as many organic options as possible.

Kava bars that don't focus on the holistic perspective of drink making really miss the mark, in my opinion. So when I saw they also added cacao and sea moss to the menu, i couldn't help but to turn to @t_ray_castiway and do my happy dance 💃

In the city of sin, it's important to have places like this because how else will people bail out of their bad cycles? Vegas is known for chewing up addicts and in the severe cases, can cause an addict to become stranded (there are no cities outside of Vegas to walk to... Unless you want to go through the most deadly desert quest of your life)

The best part?

You can stock up on their products and take it to go, so that no matter where you are in Vegas, you'll have a delicious and helpful drink to enhance your Vegas memories (instead of making you lose them all).

(@drinkleilo and @odysseyelixir are literally my favorite canned products, and they have both!)

Can't wait to see what's next for @thewlvsdenkava 🥳

✨ Stay tuned for more zero proof tips of all types ✨



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