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Unlock the Secrets of Safe Botanical Brewing! ✨🍵

Responsible Serving Size for Popular Botanicals

Hey Mocktail Mavens! 🌿 We're diving deep into the art of responsible serving sizes for common botanicals - because your safety and enjoyment are my top priorities!

🔍 Why It Matters: In our quest for blissful, alcohol-free moments, the magic lies in the right size. From the heart-wrenching tales of misuse to the awe-inspiring benefits I’ve witnessed, I’m here to guide you through the safe harbors of botanical brewing.

🎙️This episode is LIVE now! 🎶

📚 Learn With Me:

📖 Free Brewing Guide Alert! Send me a DM that says "FREE BREW GUIDE" for your comprehensive guide to kava and speciosa brewing.

🗓️ Join Our Live Q&A! Don’t miss our next session on April 23rd at 9 AM PST for an enriching dive into functional mixology and more. Can't join live? Sign up for access to the recording anytime! Link in bio.

Your journey to mastering mocktails starts with understanding. Let’s embrace the beauty of botanicals together, creating spaces where everyone can enjoy the moment, minus the mischief. 🌱💖


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