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The Power of Authentic Friendship

Here’s a story about the power of authentic friendship, featuring bride-to-be @lindsaylithe ❤️

We tend to find our people when we least expect it.

When I moved to Las Vegas the first time back in January 2018, I already knew who Lindsay was (because she’s such a pole rockstar, who DIDN’T know who she was!) but I had no idea I was actually about to meet one of the best friends of my lifetime.

Lindsay is the type of person that cares so deeply about those she lets in, that if you’re not used to being cared about, it kind of forces you to re-evaluate your life and figure out where you yourself could be more giving.

I met Lindsay right around the time she met @chrisbishopdrums - which, anyone who has been married knows that when you find your person, with hindsight, you can see how much that initial time period really changes a lot about who you are.

Week after week during our very special weekly pole sesh’s, Lindsay and I would always discuss love - what it means to feel it, to support it, to nurture it. Seeing as she’s also a very empathetic and gifted therapist, I remember how life changing our time together always felt.

She taught me that nothing worth fighting for is easy, and in order to really love and be loved, we HAVE to gain some self awareness and rise to the growth opportunities that love will always provide.

Fast forward 6 years, Lindsay and Chris have built a real life together. Not just because they bought a house and also run a business together, but because of the energy and time they put into each other. And looking back on it, a day before they FINALLY get married, I am truly moved by their story and their presence in my life (and now, my husband’s too!) ✨

6 years ago we were just two girlies who loved to dance and dreamed for the best.

6 years later, we get to see all those dreams come to life 💐

I love you Lindsay, and I can’t believe we’re all in Hawaii for the most well-deserved and breathtaking destination wedding 🥰


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