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The Impact of Bandwidth on Innovation: How Companies Lose Brilliant Ideas

A moment of silence for all the brilliant ideas that died in companies that didn't have the bandwidth to capture them ☠️

I’ve experienced working on teams with great visions that didn't have the roadmap and dashboard to back it up.

It's such a shame, too, because those ideas could've impacted thousands of people, which would have in turn, increased company profits and therefore, the team's ability to do MORE.

It's quite heartbreaking to think that you've hit a glass ceiling with your output, like you can't play with your amazing ideas because there are too many open projects right now...

I’m here to put a STOP to that 🛑

Because you, my friend, are limitless 🌠

And if you feel limited, all successful people know that's THE sign to reach out for help in order to expand...

I’m here to help you resurrect your brilliant ideas, and build systems that help you gain MOMENTUM instead of having those ideas make you so tired, you can't even sit down long enough to make a plan to get out of the vicious cycle.

Gain focus and clarity on the details and execution of projects, leaving more time and space for the GOOD STUFF 🍬

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the FREE 5 day challenge I’ll be dropping NEXT WEEK - and within this challenge, we’ll start to give a home to your brilliant ideas 💡

Comment "LET'S GO!" below and you'll receive a super special bonus no one else will have access to 👇

📸 2017, at The Nomad in Madison WI, auctioning off the signed poster of performers before the Sunday Bumday crowd (my first monthly variety show as producer). This simple idea grossed the show over $1000 over the course of the year we ran the show, while only costing us a print fee and a box of sharpies.

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