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Raise a Glass to Savor What You Treasure

If we don't raise a glass to the blessings in life, then they may not feel appreciated enough to stick around 🥂

I've only been married a little over a month, but I do know this:

Loyalty isn't about always accepting someone regardless of their behavior.

Loyalty is about consistently and respectfully showing up, regardless of EXTERNAL circumstances.

💪 My husband shows up every day to show me and tell me about how much I mean to him. He supports my insane workload in many ways, but one of my favorite ways is showcased through the drinks he always makes me.

I'll be hours deep into an 8 hour meeting marathon (happens 1-4 days per week in my role), and without even being asked, @t_ray_castiway will brew me a tea, add my favorite botanicals to it, and serve it to me to fuel throughout the day 💕

Preparing someone a delicious drink (or going out of your way to purchase a really delicious, helpful, intentional drink for them) is one simple and cost effective way to let someone know you're really thinking about them.

🍹Lavender tea with lime, ginger beer, jasmine, blue lotus, and agave will forever remind me of our wedding (as that was The Bride on our menu). When Tyler pours me anything with ginger beer, I'm reminded of our special day.

But let's be clear - alcohol doesn't provide the same level of connection, intention, or elevation in any positive context.

If you're at a loss for what fun zero proof drinks to prepare, stay tuned - I'll be posting recipes starting in the New Year to help you #RaiseTheVibe ✨

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