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How to Navigate the Unique Challenges of Starting a New Kava Business Venture

✨ you have no idea how many people you can help until you get out of your own way and make the dream happen ✨

I'm here to help you bring this idea to reality.

📣 WARNING: This industry is not exactly like a regular bar, a traditional coffee shop, or anything you've ever likely done before. There are important nuances you must be mindful of.

Did you know that the only businesses that fail in this industry are ENTIRELY at fault of their leadership team?

Unpopular opinion: there's no such thing as competition in this industry because the demand is much larger than what the current market provides, so if you see one closing or not doing well, that says more about the owner than anything else 🤷‍♀️

✨ Those who succeed are the ones that genuinely care about their community and want to see them heal ✨

In order to help people heal, you need:

✅ A healthy staff with a healthy company culture

✅ A healthy communication system and operation


✅ Thoughtfully curated menu that won't relapse people

✅ To check your ego at the door, because there are real people who are about to see real healing from your product if you get out of your way and their way

I've met previously successful entrepreneurs who can't seem to get this industry right because they think they already know it all

Because until you've worked with sober people, sober environments, and herbalism, you may not understand your own business...

I'm not talking regular mixology or having worked with a plant one time, I'm talking real in depth knowledge of how ingredients holistically affect the body + in what amount.

I'm not saying you need to be sober to be good at this, but I am saying that if you don't want to understand sobriety outside of your own experience, you will never succeed here I SAID IT AND I STAND BEHIND IT!

This industry isn't just about pacing drinkers... It's about creating a whole new world outside of blackouts and bad decisions. We're creating a new space with new experiences.

This will be life changing for all who are involved

If you want to learn more, send me a DM now! All you need to say is "ZERO PROOF BAR" and I'll send you more information 💪


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