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Finding the Right Momentum: Getting Your Dream Off the Ground

Getting your dream off the ground may feel heavy, but does that stop jets from flying? ✈️

Takeoff may be turbulent, but once you get off the ground, you start to realize that enough energy in the right direction is ENOUGH!

Momentum is what gets you off the ground.

Not brute force.

Not magic.

Not wishful thinking.

Not being pushy.

Growing up a pilot's daughter, I've learned:

🌍 Flying is equal parts science and bravery

🌍 Our minds are what keep us on the ground

🌍 If planes from 60 years ago can still fly today without needing to upgrade to fancy bells and whistles, then there are other timeless lessons we shouldn't be shrugging off for sake of modern taste.

If we either hate our day jobs, and/or feel really excited about another idea we have NO clue how to execute it - just know that you are not stuck.

You don't HAVE to stay.

I've seen people in HORRIBLE life situations find new ways of being - so it's all about what's going on in your mind.

It's about figuring out which mindsets will help us and which will put us right back where we started 🔁

Getting your plane off the ground is the most paradigm shattering thing you can do. Everything after that will already have momentum!

So don't get caught up in worrying how it will all work. We will cross that bridge when we get there! We will have momentum later to tackle problems that seem too big now.

You've got this 💪

Tell me about your dreams in the comments 🙏👇


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