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Celebrating a Friend's Marriage: It comes down to respect

Today my friend @lil__mama__b is getting married 💒

Friendships come and go in life, but the real ones stick around, grow with you, and make choices to stay in each other's orbits.

I met Breezi 10 years ago. I loved her clothing store, and I was a pole dance instructor at the time, so I'd send all my students to her shop to get the cutest, comfiest outfits. We began partnering up every opportunity we could find.

Through the years, we've seen each other's various chapters, watched each other figure our shiz out, met each other's ex's, helped each other grow out of what no longer served us, and fixed each others crowns whenever they were crooked.

Watching her become a mother has been a blessing. And meeting Andy, her husband to be, has been relieving, as their union is powerfully light and I have no doubt my friend will be loved the way she should be 💕

I mean, what husband and wife team can renovate a house while being pregnant / having a newborn and run a business?! Only the kind with real love and real respect.

🥂 To Breezi and Andy, may you experience a lifetime of love, laughter, warmth, and patience lol as marriage requires it! Your beautiful family is a gift to all who get to be in your presence.

✨ swipe to see the largest charcuterie board I've ever helped make for Breezi and Andy's rehearsal dinner


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