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Create the kava bar or non-alc lounge of your dreams,

and make money doing it💸💕

This is the exact toolkit that creates a thriving Kava Bar or Non-Alc Lounge.

We help kava bar and non-alc lounge business owners, operators, and managers open, optimize, and uplevel their businesses through the use of up to date industry insights, top tier customer service training strategies, marketing strategies, better operational systems, organization, and so much more.

Watch this video to learn more:

How are we so sure we can help?

Because we've BEEN YOU!

We know what it's like to work tirelessly to put a vision together, then to build a community around it to help it grow. We know how many long hours and difficult decisions you have to make in order to make the kava bar WORK. We know how BIG of an overwhelming juggling act it can be when you haven't figured out what systems work best for you.


We've experienced working in every single role in this industry from the ground up. And we're prepared to give you every single #kavabizhack we've got.


What you'll gain:
In-depth Industry Knowledge
🌺 Strategic Operational Skills
🌺 Effective Marketing Strategies
🌺 Operational Efficiency and Growth
🌺 Solid Financial Planning
🌺 Enhanced CPG Market Integration
🌺 Confidence and Community
🌺 Cultural Ambassadorship

What it includes:
A 5-module course covering 20 topics around the industry
🌺 8 live group calls w/ Marina (Tuesdays at 10am pacific, recordings will be provided)
🌺 8 office hour sessions to get feedback from Marina
🌺 Access to the "Bula Boss" group to network and dive deeper into the industry

Look, we get it.

We've struggled, managing CRAZY business circumstances like credit card processors randomly dumping you for carrying herbs, dealing with a construction site that blocks your ENTIRE street view, nailing down your company culture so you can get all your employees on the same page, educating just about EVERY customer that walks in because you sell weird things, calling in dumpster fires and street fights - 

YOU NAME IT, we've gotten over the river and through the woods on every single challenge that has come our way - even when we had no clue how.

So while there isn't a "dealing with literal dumpster fires" workshop on our roster, we created the Bula Boss method to help you gain the confidence, the skillset, and the industry savvy you need to be the Bula Boss you were meant to be.

Here's how we do it:

Think about the Bula Boss program as a treasure chest full of lessons and resources on each of the following topics AND built-in support (LIVE calls & office hours) to show you how to best utilize that treasure...


At Bula Boss: Kava Bar 101, we go beyond the basics of the service industry to introduce you to the distinctive realm of running a successful kava bar.


Unlike traditional bars or coffee shops, a kava bar presents unique challenges and opportunities, from navigating marketing restrictions and sourcing reputable distributors to mastering customer service that resonates with the culture.


Our program offers an insider's guide to the essentials of kava culture, functional menu design, staff education on fringe products, and the financial acumen needed for precise expense projections.

Designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and current owners looking to refine their approach, Bula Boss empowers you with the knowledge to create an exceptional, alcohol-free lounge experience.

If you already have a kava bar, but want to find ways of breaking your current glass ceilings, we can ALSO help you:

🥂 Optimize your current processes
🥂 Provide additional staff training
🥂 Increase brand awareness
🥂 Double down on IG strategies that convert
🥂 Navigate unforeseen business circumstances
🥂 Develop a successful events department
🥂 Help you build more revenue streams
🥂 Up-level your biz to become a franchise
🥂 and more!


Discover what makes a kava bar thrive and learn to avoid the pitfalls that can turn such a venture sour.


Join us to become the Bula Boss your community needs, where tradition meets innovation in every cup.

*This is NOT a typical DIY group program.*

This is an intimate and intensive GUIDED IMPLEMENTATION program, with our personal support next to you by your side.

*We'll do it together.*

Because most people get stuck in the doing part.

And you've done it alone for long enough.

Now it's time to fully commit, and to get the accountability you need.


Here's a list of reasons why this program is ideal for YOU and why the value you'll receive is way more than we'll ever plan on charging (written by Marina):

  1. The included online course is completely up to date, and is updated as more information is received. This ensures you can make the best decisions for your business as possible.

  2. All action steps provided are ACTUALLY actionable.

  3. You can go your own pace with the online course, and the weekly calls are NOT structured around the curriculum, so there's no such thing as "falling behind" in this program!

  4. There's no other supportive environment for business owners within this industry out there. The benefits that arise from being in community with other entrepreneurs working in the same space as you are quite astounding.

  5. The weekly live calls are not aimless conversation holes - they're productive meetings where you can ask questions, dive deep, and receive honest feedback from someone who has worked every single position there is in a kava bar or non-alc lounge (me!)

  6. I built in the Thursday asynchronous office hours so that we don't clog up the live calls with nitty gritty details. I'll be sending videos to the group with the nitty gritties so everyone's time is optimized to their needs. That means during the live calls, we really do get to go deep with conversation instead of lecture.

  7. The Bula Boss group program and online course operates out of this website (and the Functional Flow App on mobile). You'll have a virtual community with shared goals and common interests.

  8. BONUSES! I host monthly workshops on various topics - you'll get free access while you're actively enrolled in this group program.

  9. BONUSES! I will also do resource drops in the group so if you're looking for more organizational tools, ask and you just may receive ;)

  10. This program was built by someone who has actually worked in every single position a kava bar has to offer, so you're not getting theoretical advice.

  11. I understand what it's like to have a goal that doesn't seem to have a clear roadmap. I'm here to help you navigate the unknown and achieve your vision.

  12. I've hit many roadblocks in my own career - I've been told a lot of the things I achieved were impossible or pointless. I've overcome all of them and have arrived in front of you today to say "laugh in the face of opposition, because they're giving you the very fuel you need to prove them wrong."

  13. I can confidently say I've got your back when the going gets tough, because I'm not easily startled, and I'm stubborn - if I need an answer I won't stop until I find it.

  14. One time I dealt with a construction site covering up our business for a whole year right after the pandemic, making growth more difficult than before. I ended up increasing sales by 26% after figuring out how to receive community support.

  15. I've also dealt with dumpster fires, crazy neighborhoods, random city regulation changes, supply chain shortages, credit card processors dropping you in the middle of the day, POS system builds and launches, staff turnover, growing pains of expansion, location moving, and SO MUCH MORE.

  16. My husband and I travel as often as we can to visit important kava locations around the world to continue to learn more about the ENTIRE process.

  17. I have a podcast called Mocktails with Marina where I discuss topics relevant to the industry, and include interviews with people inside the industry as well. If there's someone I need to talk to in order to get more answers, I'll seek them out.

  18. Whenever I consume bad products, I figure out what I can do to make the marketplace safer for consumers. This means I need to help you in order to accomplish my goals of making the market safer, too!

  19. I might be obsessed... My husband and I are always taking photos of the menus and places we visit as students of design, and the art of marrying the perfect mocktail with the right atmosphere.

  20. As a former professional performer and event producer, everything is about telling a story in my mind. This means I'm here to not only present the information to you in a way that is delightful to consume BUT I can show you how to also present product information to your customers in an entertaining, highly converting way!

  21. I'm very likely your target demographic so I can provide you with a TON of insight for marketing and sales strategy, beyond what data is just found in the field.

  22. Not sure if this is right for you? Take the "How to Open a Kava Bar / Alcohol Free Lounge" workshop for only $37. It includes a discount code for the Bula Boss Program for $87. So not only do you have nothing to lose, but I'm willing to invest $50 MORE into YOU because I believe in YOU! That way, you also have the ability to see what it's like to work with me, before you even work with me.

  23. If you're looking to diversify your revenue streams and figure out how to make more sustainable income that's quarantine-proof, you've definitely found the right mentor. I know how to open, develop, and juggle many processes (AND I know which ones work in this industry vs which ones are a FLOP.)

  24. I've built many courses and have coached many people over the years in a variety of settings and contexts. This means that regardless of your learning style, I'll know how to adapt to you and help you.

  25. WHAT ABOUT AFTERCARE? When the 8 weeks of this program are complete, I'll invite you to join the Bula Boss Mastermind, which provides advanced and intimate level support. (we'll talk more about that later...)​​​

BONUS for joining the program:

FREE All Access Workshop Pass for 6 months!

Features include:

📚 Receive access to ALL of The Modern Mocktail's past workshop recordings

📚 Automatically gain access to the live workshops & mini-courses of the month

📚 Automatically gain access to all Q&A sessions of past and present months

📚 Access to discounted 1:1 hourly consultation services

📚 BONUS: Special discounts on Bula Boss

📚 BONUS: Non-Alc / Kava Bar Tunes + Atmosphere 🎶

We make content based off the pain points we hear from my audience. The more you speak up, the more likely it is that we'll create a workshop catered to YOUR feedback!

On the fence about joining Effortless Operations?

Grab your All Access Workshop Pass for only $37/mo!

This is the BEST price to work with us, especially if you're in the beginning stages and aren't quite yet ready to invest in a full program

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