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Effortless Operations

Create more ease, impact, and confidence in your business, project, or career 💸💕

This is the exact process that turns any business into a place

where you AND your staff love to work and never want to leave;

& turns any project into a manageable, exciting process 

instead of one filled with overwhelm, chaos, and disconnect.

Click here to watch a video summary of the program

We help business owners, operators, and managers heal their business or project operation pain points through the use of better systems, organization, and the right tools.

We can help creatives cross the finish line. We can even help groups and families set up their busy schedules and projects in a way that inspires effortless execution.

We also help new businesses get their start ups in order. We understand how overwhelming it is to get the operation going, so we're here to give you structure for your next greatest venture.

How are we so sure we can help?

Because we've BEEN YOU!

We've experienced working on teams with great visions that didn't have the roadmap and dashboard to back it up. We've watched brilliant ideas die in companies that didn't have the bandwidth to capture them.

It's such a shame, too, because those ideas could've impacted thousands of people, which would have in turn, increased company profits and therefore, the team's ability to do MORE.

It's quite heartbreaking to think that you've hit a glass ceiling with your output, like you can't play with your amazing ideas because there are too many open projects right now...

We're here to put a STOP to that 🛑

Because you, my friend, are limitless 🌠

And if you feel limited, all successful people know that's THE sign to reach out for help in order to expand...

We're here to help you resurrect your brilliant ideas, and build systems that help you gain MOMENTUM instead of having those ideas make you so tired, you can't even sit down long enough to make a plan to get out of the vicious cycle.

Gain focus and clarity on the details and execution of projects, leaving more time and space for the GOOD STUFF 🍬


Positive side-effects of going through the Effortless Operations program:

✨ abundance in all areas of your business / project / life (increase in revenue!)

✨ effortless execution of ideas

✨ excited, enthusiastic staff members / collaborators

✨ raving fans and regulars that can’t help but to come back 

✨ month after month of record breaking sales / impact goals

✨ no confusion or delay on “what’s going on” / what the shared goal is

✨ efficient, effective and inspiring meetings

If you've got any of the following pain points, this program was made for you:
😤 lack of proper project and task management
😤 lack of confidence in direction
😤 so many good ideas no idea what to focus on
😤 so many good ideas no idea what tech to trust
😤 lack of integrity when tasks are executed
😤 lack of understanding of budget and cash flow

Here's how we do it:

It always starts with a system...​​​​​

Part One: Effortless Operations

We are going to create your company dashboard together! There are three main steps to this process:

  1. Metrics​ - Let's talk KPI's and making a real difference with data

  2. People - Defining company tone, mission, culture, and SOPs

  3. Tracking & Execution of Projects & Ideas - Project management tools, having confidence in decision making, and tying it all together with your newly built operations dashboard!


Here, we'll help you get a pulse on your company. You'll be able to clearly see your cash flow, what your team is working on, and you can even watch the projects unfold live without ever sending a single email or setting a meeting.


Part Two: Effortless Operations

​Now, it is time to​ bring the whole team into the dashboard in order to ease the pain points. In this process, we'll cover what it takes to implement your dashboard:

  1. Giving staff a home page - building and maintaining online homes for your staff / collaborators

  2. Project maps and to do lists - creating repeatable launch plans, task management, time management, project management techniques

  3. Best communication practices - performance reviews, big picture metrics reviews, and self evaluations

Here, we'll help your team understand the rhythm of the company, so they can each access important SOP's (standard operating procedures), get updates, and optimize their processes along the way.


Part Three: Effortless Operations

At this point, your company's processes can run, so it's time to expand -


whether that's starting a new branch of your company, or you're building a new one from the ground up -


let's create systems that keep you in the loop regardless of how busy you are with other ventures. In this final part, we'll cover:

  1. How to manage old data and reflect - what's required to keep vs what's good to toss, and creating a company culture of tech hygiene

  2. How to automate more of your business - using AI, automations, and what NOT to ever automate

  3. How to manage multiple companies at the same time - vertical integration, life balance, and learning to trust (delegation)

If you want to DIY, you can do that.

If you want to go deeper, receive live feedback, ask questions - you can do that too.


This a 3-part self paced online program (w/ course info available for 6 months)

can be taken two different ways:

Self Study Bundle: Effortless Operations

Self Study Bundle​: Focus on and complete the work in a way that suits your learning style and pace. You have 6 months to complete it in your solitude.



VIP Bundle: You'll get 6 months (24 weeks) of live group discussions with Marina! These are held every Tuesday at 11am pacific time zone. And if you can't make it to the live session - no sweat, there will be a group space to submit question beforehand to get your questions answered, as well as a recording that will be shared within the course dashboard.

FEATURE: With the VIP Bundle, you'll get 6 months of access to our Effortless Operations VIP Group within the Functional Flow Academy App (where the course is also hosted) so you can connect with our community!​

FEATURE: You'll receive access to weekly asynchronous office hours to get your questions answered all day in our small group via Loom videos, posted resources, and more, asynchronously once a week for 6 months (24 weeks) on Thursdays

BONUS: You'll gain access to ALL paid online workshops that we offer for free!



*This is NOT a typical DIY group program.*

The VIP Bundle is an intimate and intensive GUIDED IMPLEMENTATION program, with our personal support next to you by your side, as you PLAN OUT & BUILD your operations dashboard so you can get your TIME back, decrease your stress, increase your efficiency, and really have a pulse on your business / projects

*We'll do it... together.*

Because most people get stuck in the doing part.

And you've done it alone for long enough.

Now it's time to fully commit, and to get the accountability you need.​​​

  • Effortless Operations: Self Study Bundle

    Every month
    3 Online Courses, let's go!
    Valid for 6 months
    • PART ONE: Build Out
    • PART TWO: Implementation
    • PART THREE: Expansion
    • 6 months of access to the material, choose your pace
    • FREE All Access Workshop & Mini-Course Pass
  • Effortless Operations: VIP Bundle

    Every month
    6 months of group coaching PLUS 3 BONUS Online Courses!
    Valid for 6 months
    • PART ONE: Build Out
    • PART TWO: Implementation
    • PART THREE: Expansion
    • 6 months of access to the material, choose your pace
    • FREE All Access Workshop & Mini-Course Pass
    • 6 months of Effortless Operations VIP Group Access
    • 24 weekly live group coaching calls with Marina (Tuesdays)
    • 24 weekly office hours for additional support (Thursdays)

BONUS for joining the program:

FREE All Access Workshop Pass for 6 months!

Features include:

📚 Receive access to ALL of The Modern Mocktail's past workshop recordings

📚 Automatically gain access to the live workshops & mini-courses of the month

📚 Automatically gain access to all Q&A sessions of past and present months

📚 Access to discounted 1:1 hourly consultation services

📚 BONUS: Special discounts on Bula Boss

📚 BONUS: Non-Alc / Kava Bar Tunes + Atmosphere 🎶

We make content based off the pain points we hear from my audience. The more you speak up, the more likely it is that we'll create a workshop catered to YOUR feedback!

On the fence about joining Effortless Operations?

Grab your All Access Workshop Pass for only $37/mo!


This is the BEST price to work with us, especially if you're in the beginning stages and aren't quite yet ready to invest in a full program


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