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Keep Your Bar Profitable Even When Others Struggle:
Learn the functional menu design methodology we use to destroy the “slow season” in your bar & take care of your customers year-round 💸💕

NOTE: All pricing will increase on Friday, June 21st


What if I told you that you could have an unbelievable impact on your customers AND your bottom line at the same time? 

What if I told you that your business doesn’t have to have a “slow season”?

What if I said we could create a menu that teaches your customers much more than just what drinks they can buy from you, buy how they can be a part of the LIFESTYLE of your brand (therefore, increasing average ticket size and return rate)?

Keep reading to learn about the exact process that we here at The Modern Mocktail use to design menus for our one on one clients - and we’re ready to teach you everything.

​We help bars, restaurants, CPGs, and event companies create and communicate their beverage offerings most effectively through the use of better menu design, menu presentation, and functional marketing practices.

If you’re reading this, you likely want to feel less of the following:
😤 feelings of being unable to serve everyone in the community
😤 lack of confidence in direction for your bar’s messaging and vibe
😤 so many good menu ideas, no idea what to focus on
😤 paralyzation due to too many ingredient options in the marketplace
😤 you want to get the serving sizes JUST RIGHT
😤 you’re apprehensive about some popular botanicals & need to learn more in order to confidently serve them

And you probably want to feel more of the following:
✨ deep faith in your bev offerings, making them effortless to sell
✨ breadth of knowledge, inspiring your next greatest creation
✨ excited, enthusiastic staff members & collaborators
raving fans and regulars that can’t help but to come back to your bar
month after month of record breaking sales & impact goals
✨ rich understanding of the functional mixology methodology
✨ confidence in taking care of your community & business needs

How are we so sure we can help?

Because we've BEEN YOU!

We've experienced working through slow seasons and trying to get disengaged regulars to try new products and services. 

That’s why we decided to DO something about it and create a methodology that eliminates these aches and pains!

We're here to put a STOP to boring menus and empty bars 🛑

Because you, my friend, are limitless 🌠

And if you feel limited, all successful people know that's THE sign to reach out for help in order to expand...

We're here to help you build menus that help you gain MOMENTUM instead of having those ideas fall flat like days-old seltzer.

Here's how we do it:
It always starts with a system...​​​​​​​​​​


“The Functional Mixology Method" is designed to help hospitality businesses create non-alc beverage menus that not only defy the typical slow seasons but also drive financial and functional success. 


It introduces our four-step signature menu creation method, focusing on:

  1. unique design and storytelling for engaging and distinctive menus,

  2. holistic herbalism for balanced offerings,

  3. smart sourcing and pricing strategies for cost-efficiency, and 

  4. effective education techniques for staff and consumers. 


This comprehensive program aims to transform how venues conceptualize and offer non-alc drinks, turning them into profitable and popular menu items year-round.


If you serve alcoholic beverages - no worries, these methodologies and basic design principles still apply to you.

Plus, it’s 2024 - all bars deserve at least a few fantastic non-alc options!


What’s included:

This is a self-paced DIY 5-module online course that INCLUDES an hour-long one-on-one session available to you when you’ve completed the course, so we can collaborate on launching your next menu!



  1. Intro to the course + Preface to Functional Mixology

  2. Unique Design and Storytelling

  3. Holistic Herbalism and Balance

  4. Sourcing Products and Vendors

  5. Educating Serving Staff & Customers


Online course: $997 value

One-on-one menu consultation: $1,000+ value


Yours for only


$1,997+ value
75% off!


Join by June 20th: $100 off

Join by July 8th: $50 off

PRELAUNCHFMM <-- your discount code



Join by July 8th: $250 off <-- BEST DEAL!
Join after July 8th: $200 off

*Find these discounts inside the course under the "What's Next" module*

BONUS for joining the program:

FREE All Access Workshop Pass for 1 month!

Features include:

📚 Receive access to ALL of The Modern Mocktail's past workshop recordings

📚 Automatically gain access to the live workshops & mini-courses of the month

📚 Automatically gain access to all Q&A sessions of past and present months

📚 Access to discounted 1:1 hourly consultation services

📚 BONUS: Special discounts on Bula Boss

📚 BONUS: Non-Alc / Kava Bar Tunes + Atmosphere 🎶

We make content based off the pain points we hear from our audience. The more you speak up, the more likely it is that we'll create a workshop catered to YOUR feedback!

Who is this for VS who is it NOT for?


This is not for everyone.

Who’s this for:

  • Those who find delight in functionally brilliant designs

  • Bev managers who want to learn how to create a well balanced menu that tells stories, creates intrigue, and SELLS

  • Business owners looking to bring more ease and function into their processes behind the bar

  • Marketers in the space looking to understand sober / alcohol-free consumer habits, questions, and hold ups from an expert who has worked in the service industry her whole life


Who’s this not for:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I need experience in making drinks to be here?

    • No! That’s what I’m here for!

  2. I am a very experienced mixologist, will I still find value here?

    • YES! We’re all students of life, and conversation always gives way to more creative solutions you may not have thought of. As you know, nuance is everything in mixology, so the smallest piece of advice can be a GAME CHANGER!

    • Plus, there’s new information coming out every day. Think of me as your personal nerd. I do a lot of research to stay up to date, and I’ll hand that information straight over to you, boss!

  3. Can’t I learn how to do this for free nowadays with YouTube and AI?

    • Yes… and no.

    • If AI told me how to paint, would I become Bob Ross? Definitely not. All great art takes years and years to perfect, and that’s only possible through ENGAGEMENT.

    • YouTube and AI can teach you some about menu design, herbalism, bar management, fringe marketing restrictions, hosting sober communities, best service technique, business design, and supply chain strategy… but only years of experience in this niche can guarantee all the right questions are being asked in the first place, which would make all the puzzle pieces click. So think of this as your “cheat code” to get past all the HARD barriers to deep understanding of functional mixology and bev service design.

    • You’ll learn timeless methodology that can be applied over and over again, so you’re not going to become dependent on us. In fact, you’ll definitely have a better understanding of this than AI by the time you’re done with Functional Mixology 101.

  4. I want to make a menu that highlights local businesses and ingredients. Do you help with that, or is this more of a corporate perspective on menu design?

    • LOCAL: That’s always our goal, too. Being based in the Phoenix area, we are deeply connected to the Sonoran and do what we can to embody the spirit of the desert in any local menus we create. We’re happy to help you connect more deeply with your pocket of the world, too.

    • CORPORATE: We understand the drive to expand and have many locations deliver consistently exceptional experiences. We’re also happy to help you connect with nationwide suppliers and strategize best storage practices to make shipping prices optimized.

  5. Do you have payment plans available?

    • Yes!

  6. I don’t have time to take this course, but I like the ideas I’m seeing here. Can I just hire you to make the menu for me?


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