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A Zero Proof Love Story

Would you like to hear a love story about two people who lived separate lives for most of their twenties and didn't meet until after they got sober?

I was a wild child, a traveling showgirl, living a lifestyle where free alcohol and delicious cocktails were part of the pay. Every time I tried to find love, I'd find more pain and end up feeling further behind with every new relationship I'd enter. In 2021, I left everything and everyone I knew behind and moved to Arizona. I said, "I'm leaving Las Vegas with the only goal of healing."

One month after closing on my first home purchase, I met Tyler at @lacunaphoenix 💕

Tyler had already been hanging out there for years. By the time I met him, he was already 4 years sober from a heroin addiction (he's at 7 now!). He found his new, healthy routines, and said "my future wife will meet me at Lacuna." He was right.

Once he knew my work schedule, he made sure to show up every day (even though I usually worked nights and he liked day time). We spoke for 3 months every day before our first hug.

We moved in together after dating for 3 months, and a month later, adopted our first shelter dog, Honey. 5 months later, we become General and Assistant Manager of @lacunaphoenix. The year after, we'd get engaged, we'd adopt a 2nd shelter dog named Wiley, we'd become executives and run the whole company together.

2 months after our wedding, we saved Wiley from dying and started our very first business together @enjoymodernmocktails 💕

The key?

When you sober up, you have to change more than just what's in your cup. The people, the venues, the activities - they have to change a bit (and that's okay).

I may have stopped dancing for the public (though Tyler and I have impromptu dance parties every day), but we save lives now - puppies and humans alike - so that's a fair trade off ✨

Nothing we did was easy, but it was easy to always remember why 🥰

Frankly, sober living requires adjustment. And nothing is comfortable at first. Drinkers will not understand you. Old friends may not even support you anymore. But the payoff is so incredibly worth it 💒

📸 @creativeedgephotographyaz


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