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A Note on Flow State Mastery

The flow state is defined as the mental state of operation in which a person performing a process or activity is fully involved, fully focused, and fully energized by the process or activity itself.

Notice, there is no way to achieve flow from a passive state.

My flagship course, Flow State Mastery (found in the Functional Flow Academy App) is here to help you figure out how to achieve your flow. It is the exact same process I use to run my business, choreograph a routine, practice anything, study anything, YOU NAME IT. No need to compartmentalize this process. Flow is a lifestyle.

My business coach once told me "you sell them what they want, but you deliver them what they need." The whole point of this course is to showcase the fact that flow isn't just a sweet 30 second instagram clip of you dancing good, for example. It is a sacred and powerful space that can start wars, end world hunger, and really bring anyone to their fullest potential. But the only way to get there sustainably is to take a holistic, big picture look at your life and say "do all the puzzle pieces (compartments) look like one cohesive picture that accurately represents me or is this a quilt of society's design?"

Only you know the answer.

Want to dive deeper? Learn more about and download the FREE Functional Flow Academy App here! This is an excerpt from the Flow State Mastery course.


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