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6 Helpful Herbs for Cold & Flu Season

Go from 🤧 to 💪 by teaming up with Mother Nature to support your immune system 🌿

When I was younger, I loved stuffing my system full of over the counter drugs when I didn't feel good. I genuinely thought that was the only way to find healing.

But then I became more and more sensitive to psychoactive components of medications and found that I really, really don't want or need to feel f'd up in order to heal 😵 In fact, now that I've developed some tolerance for life's pain, I don't appreciate when drugs make me feel like I'm tripping out of nowhere. I like to take it head on so that I can remain aware and focused on healing.

Treating symptoms with over the counter medicines got me into some of my worst health habits. Nowadays, I turn to the garden to find healing 🌱

When we are thoughtful about the ingredients we put into our bodies (instead of just taking anything for temporary symptom relief), we can recover more quickly by avoiding the added side effects. Click through this 6-photo gallery to learn more about how each of these 6 herbs can help you fight your flu:

Stay tuned for more recipes that contain these helpful herbs 💕

Need help now?

Head to @lacunakavabar and order:

🌺 Lemon Ginger @drinkleilo

🌺 Magic Mule (Botanical Elixir)

🌺 Elderflower Rose @unitywellnessco

🌺 Grapefruit Mint @drinkintelligent

More resources!

📖: @herbalacademy



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