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Functional Non-Alc Marketing: Skyrocket Your Sales + Impact Mini-Course

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A 3-part mini-course immersive learning experience for non-alc business owners on developing wellness programs to attract niche market customers, care for regulars, and expand your business. We will learn a marketing strategy that carries your non-alc customers through a transformative journey. This technique works regardless of what corner of the industry you work in because self healing, learning, and growing is something on just about EVERYONE'S mind in the non-alc space due to the simple yet profound choice of abstaining from alcohol (to at least some degree). Whether you want to host sobriety challenges, create a calendar of drinks for people to try, help people develop new habits, or you have another fun wellness journey idea, this 3-part mini-course is all about creating informative educational material that connects YOUR products / services directly into the heart of your consumers / customers / clients. By the end of this 3-part mini-course, you will have been guided through creating a wellness program and launch plan to skyrocket your sales AND your impact. Day 1: Wellness, Decide the Journey Day 2: Ingredients, Decide the "Recipe" Concepts Day 3: Marketing, Craft the (Educational) Campaign *Note: This mini-course is free when you purchase the All Access Workshop & Mini-Course Pass

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