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Effortless Operations: Expansion || Part 3 of 3

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🛑 THIS IS ONLY PART THREE OF THREE 🛑 This course is most effective when taken as a VIP Bundle! If you only register for this course instead of the VIP Bundle Pricing Plan, you will be experiencing the Self Study version that does not include live support from Marina and The Modern Mocktail Team. Visit for more info! --------------------------------------------------- At this point, your company's processes can run, so it's time to expand - whether that's starting a new branch of your company, or you're building a new one from the ground up - let's create systems that keep you in the loop regardless of how busy you are with other ventures. In this final part, we'll cover: ​ ✅ How to manage old data and reflect ✅ How to automate more of your business ✅ How to manage multiple companies at the same time --------------------------------------------------- We help business owners, operators, and managers heal their business or project operation pain points through the use of better systems, organization, and the right tools. We can help creatives cross the finish line. We can even help groups and families set up their busy schedules and projects in a way that inspires effortless execution. Other positive side-effects of going through the Effortless Operations program: ✨ abundance in all areas of your business / project / life ✨ effortless execution of ideas ✨ excited, enthusiastic staff members / collaborators ✨ raving fans and regulars that can’t help but to come back  ✨ month after month of record breaking sales / impact goals ✨ no confusion or delay on “what’s going on” / what the shared goal is ✨ efficient, effective and inspiring meetings -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can take this program self study by itself right now and have an AMAZING result. You can also learn more about the FULL 3 part experience here:

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