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Learn how to turn your dreams into your physical reality - whether you want to dance more passionately, create an epic work of art, write a book, or start your own business - in this 90 minute manifestation workshop with Marina Mars.


*This is a pre-recorded workshop*


What to Expect:

  • movement prompts

  • Mindset discussion

  • Guided planning (2 worksheets included)


What to Bring:

  • Water

  • An outfit you feel comfortable resting and moving in

  • Print two worksheets OR bring a journal (physical or digital)

    • I will be talking through the 2 worksheets provided. I think it is easy to copy the prompts into your journal as we go through them if you’re not interested in printing out the sheets themselves.

    • Whether you print or not, I highly recommend physically writing rather than typing due to the fact that the act of writing manually can have a more powerful mental effect (it has been psychologically proven!)

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