The Tranquili-tease podcast

The Tranquili-Tease is an exploration of what it means to embody love, beauty, and pleasure with me, Marina Mars -

a burlesque dancing mathematician who ran away with the circus - as your host.

Each episode dives into one specific facet of life and hones into the important role that love, beauty, and/or pleasure may play. Let the tears roll and the laughs echo!

What you can expect from The Tranquili-Tease:

  • Personal stories!

  • Guests from many walks of life!

  • Actionable advice to add more love, beauty, and pleasure into your own lives!

*This podcast is intended for adult ears only due to the mature content, explicit word usage, and sexual nature of the show. There are no censored versions of this podcast that will be made available. Ever. Fuck censorship.

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New episodes drop most Wednesdays - follow @tranquilitease on IG for the best updates on new episodes.

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