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Why Adding Kava to Your Java is the Best Way to Improve Your Morning

Love coffee but hate the jitters? ADD SOME KAVA TO YOUR JAVA ☕❤️

My earliest memories are of being a very small child (3, 4, 5) and learning how to pour the perfect cup of hot coffee for my mom and dad, then my grandparents, and all other adults that may be at the dinner table. I even had a cute little pin that said "World's Best Waitress" that'd I'd wear proudly while pouring.

As a 5 year old, it was an honor to be given the green light to carry that hot pot because I knew that I had to be excellent in order to be trusted with such a seemingly important task at the time 🤣

I didn't start drinking coffee until I was 12 or 13 but I have never fully stopped since. The ritual of the morning cup is so deeply rooted in my daily life cycle and within generations of my family's daily life cycles, that I had switched to decaf for a couple years when caffeine was triggering my physical anxiety symptoms.

Then I discovered kava 🌄

Turns out, a few drops of kava extract in your favorite cup of coffee = the best way to start the day 🎉

(You can also add 2oz of kava concentrate to your coffee, in which case I'd recommend the addition of your milk of choice 🥛 + 1/2 oz more agave and a dash more cinnamon.)

Come to @lacunakavabar and give our take on this classic a try!



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