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What is the Purpose of a Daily Bula?

🌺Every day at 6pm at @lacunakavabar we serve $1 Bula bombs and host a moment of communal presence because in a world of chaos, it's nice to find support along the journey back home.

How does drinking some island root tea in a non-alcoholic bar in the middle of a desert help accomplish that goal? 👉 We are reminded in these daily moments about how small, consistent decisions and moments of awareness can add up to create big growth, which makes more space for big love, which strengthens our inner compass to guide us to exactly where we're supposed to be.

When I started working at Lacuna, I was on a hunt for some serious healing with my panic disorder. I didn't want to become dependent on a script, so when I started to realize that my physical fight or flight response was slowly but surely becoming less sensitive thanks to kava (+ better lifestyle choices), everything started changing.

🤍 I met my fiance.

🤍 We adopted a shelter dog.

🤍 I became GM of Lacuna, with my fiance at my side.

🤍 I am repairing broken family bonds.

🤍 I am experiencing unparalleled abundance and I'm excited to share it.

☝️I never thought any of that was in the cards while I was actively stuck in panic mode. When I started drinking kava, it chilled my body out long enough to figure out what thoughts, actions, and behaviors were no longer serving me. That's the magic of kava - it works, so long as you put in the work too.

What are you excited to leave in 2022?

What are you excited to bring into 2023?


And we're here to support you on your journey to #RaiseTheVibe. Stay tuned for more information on our New Year's Vision Board Creation Day on Sunday January 1st.

Shout-out to all the regulars who have heard my take on this daily ritual over the past (almost) 2 years and can now do a spot on impression of me - y'all are the real MVP's 🤣❤️

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