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Taking the Leap of Faith in Business

The moment I realized I wanted to start my own business was when I was told I was difficult to manage 🙃

Early on, I had a boss tell me I was a great asset because I created operational systems that would withstand the test of time, but that I was difficult to manage because I've got idiosyncrasies that don't fit into corporate world.

I could never manage to follow dress code.

I always needed to know "why" before I'd invest my time.

I didn't think certain rules applied to me (because some rules are just stupid lol).

I'm not afraid to call the elephants in the room out, and if they come charging at me, I'll always be ready for them 🐘

Through the years, I'd work for different companies - both large corporations and small businesses - finding the same issues. They'd always say I was great at finding problems, delivering solutions, and increasing business - but that process always delivers a blow to someone's ego, so I'd ruffle the feathers of anyone who wasn't being thoughtful about company culture.

I'd hunt down discrepancies like a hungry eagle 🦅

And protect the employees who were being f'd over 🦁

Over time, I realized that being an elephant tamer on someone else's payroll is exhausting and always underappreciated, and that in order to keep my cup full, I needed to operate on my OWN payroll. If I wanted to be treated with respect, I knew I could only do so as a consultant, and not as anyone's employee.

People take you seriously when you're willing to gamble your entire life savings on yourself 💪

People don't take you seriously when you are dependent on them for anything 🥲

My best advice: if you want to sip mocktails on a beach in Hawaii whenever you want to, stop working for other people and start investing in yourself ✨

The rat race wasn't designed to make any of the players winners... Incremental hourly wage increases aren't going to ever be life changing.

Making a $30k sale, while continuing to earn passive income is life changing.

Meeting new business partners and jumping into projects as an equal part owner is life changing.

Find a mentor you trust, and know you're never alone.

If you want streamlined operations, DM me.


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