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Relaxation without the Hangover

Relax without the hangover or the comedown with this @drinkleilo mocktail 🌊

Welcome to my new drink series! My name is Marina - I've been a service industry professional for 11 years and have a passion for serving people delicious treats that absolutely changes their day around.

I also have a passion for adding intentional nuance to the service process. The drink isn't going to do you much good if you're not serving it and / or consuming it intentionally.

Follow this account for:

🌱 Delicious drink recipes

🌱 Tea culture and care

🌱 Sobriety inspiration

🌱 Hospitality hot takes

🌱 Bartending and management tips

🌱 Local Arizona community & experiences

🐕 ...and special appearances by a cute doggo named Honey

*No alcoholic drinks or recipes will be shared on this account.

🌵Are you in Arizona? Have a professional kavatender make this mocktail (and many others) for you at @lacunakavabar or @lacunasedona today!


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