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Master the Running Man with the Running Man Toolkit!

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the Running Man? Join us as we introduce the Running Man Toolkit, led by our talented shuffle instructor, Brooke. With her extensive dance background and a deep passion for movement, Brooke combines her expertise in body mechanics and the neuromuscular connection to help you master this foundational shuffle step.

In the Running Man Toolkit, you'll find a collection of videos designed to break down the Running Man movement and provide valuable tools for learning, practicing, assessing, and conditioning. Whether you're a beginner looking to start your shuffle journey or an experienced shuffle instructor seeking to enhance your teaching skills, this toolkit has something for everyone.

Let's take a closer look at what's included in the Running Man Toolkit:

1. Running Man - Deconstructed:

In this video, Brooke focuses on the specific body mechanics of the Running Man. Each component of the movement is isolated and broken down, allowing you to focus on mastering one piece at a time before gradually building them back into the whole.

2. "Bun Up The Dance" - Deconstructed Follow Along Practice Drill:

Practice the deconstructed Running Man steps in a choreographed follow-along track. This immersive experience helps you refine your skills and integrate the learned movements into a cohesive routine.

3. Bounce Drill:

Discover a unique method that targets your nervous system. The Bounce Drill helps the Running Man pattern "click" for many students, acting as an immediate reset when slipping into old patterns. Trick your body into the movement and witness the breakthroughs it can bring.

4. Continuous Repetition "Practice Along":

Learn why repetition is crucial for successful learning. In this video, Brooke delves into the importance of the neuromuscular connection and guides you through continuous repetition exercises. Join her as she plays a song, providing you with an opportunity to practice alongside her and avoid feeling alone in your journey.

5. Common Faults (and how to self-assess and correct):

Identify and correct common mistakes made when learning the Running Man. Brooke shares her insights on the most prevalent issues and provides valuable tools for self-assessment and movement correction, including utilizing video analysis to refine your technique.

As a bonus, the Running Man Toolkit offers a Follow-along Movement Prep/Conditioning Track from Brooke's dance fitness program, "Footwork Fitness." This track is specifically designed to improve lower body strength, stability, and alignment, with a focus on enhancing your shuffle performance.

To connect with Brooke and explore her other offerings, you can visit her website at Additionally, you can find her on YouTube as Footwork Fitness, on Instagram as and @brookiefootwork, and on TikTok as @brookiefootwork.

Currently, Brooke offers 1-on-1 private lessons (in person or via Zoom), semi-private lessons for up to 5 people, and an all levels Shuffle Class held every Wednesday at 6 pm at Dance Den Tampa.

Are you ready to elevate your shuffle skills and embark on a journey of self-discovery and movement mastery? Join Brooke and the Running Man Toolkit today! Let's shuffle together and unlock your full potential on the dance floor. 🎶💃


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