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It's 2023 - You Know Alcohol Gives You Cancer, Right?

POV: you're too aware to stay in the cycle, so you break the multi generational curse of numbing 💪

They say the French Revolution started when coffee was introduced and the people had access to another palatable, sober option ☕

They say these coffee shops started in the Arab world, then as they found their way to Europe, they caused massive shifts. Much like the internet, they became hubs for information, trade, gossip, and community discussions 🌍

They say Western Europe was stuck in a drunk haze for centuries, and this seemingly simple shift in drink choice sparked the shift into The Age of Enlightenment ✨

Nowadays, both coffee shops and alcoholic bars are fixtures in most US cities. What if we added more kava bars and sober bars to that tapestry? 🌺

A third option becomes available near the turn of the 21st century - you're done with work but don't want to fall back into old cycles and nurse a hangover tomorrow, or cancer years later. You're ready to relax, but also don't want to be hyped up on caffeine all night. So instead, you order a Kava or CBD Mocktail in an adult environment that allows you to relax, but also allows you to conquer tomorrow 🥳

We're in the midst of a fascinating era of human history - what part do you want to play in it? 🤔

Here's a link to my current favorite CBD Wine by Melo Wine based out of Buckeye, Arizona. There's 0% ABV and about 25% CBD per serving.


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