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Interview with @odysseyelixir's Director @max53s drops on Monday

📣 Incoming Episode Alert: interview with @odysseyelixir's Director @max53s drops on Monday ✨

I've been so excited about this episode since we started planning it a month ago. Max is a really well informed, responsive, and thoughtful leader of a company that genuinely does well by their people. This conversation lit a fire in me because it gives me hope to know there are good people doing good work in this world 🌍 👍

🌠 Learn more about the founding story of Odyssey, why they made 3 different lines of mushroom beverages, how they ended up in kava bars, what their company culture is really like, and more!

Ready to join the mocktail movement? Visit to join our community and get access to exclusive content. 💌💡

Got thoughts on Odyssey or want to share your thoughts on the brand? Drop us a comment or DM! 📩💬


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