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How to Survive in Phoenix, AZ

Are you feeling like SpongeBob in the desert? ☠️💦 Here's the antidote:

This 4oz elixir is PACKED with essential elements to rehydrate, refuel, and revitalize.

🤔 Oftentimes I think non-alcohol drink makers get caught up in thinking people need to drink a large amount of liquid to receive a large amount of benefit or value and that's just not right. When I am served a drink that is too large and made with too little intention, the bloat is uncomfortable and I end up feeling worse than I did before I had ever drank anything at all.

🌵 I am constantly inspired by the way the desert can take a small amount of water and stretch it's use to last longer. This elixir is meant to help boost your body's ability to intake water while also nourishing your exhausted nervous system.

Let's talk tinctures:

✨ Cosmik Wink from @lunarlogicherbals is a light hearted formula enriched with soothing botanicals, sacred blue lotus flowers, and delicate jasmine blossoms leaving a feeling of deep tranquility and universal connection. This formula excels when used for at least 4-6 weeks to replenish and restore the nervous system.

✨Essence of Life from @ambayagoldhealth is a convenient way to replenish essential minerals, vitamins, and amino acids which leads to increased energy, greater clarity and focus, and promotion of cellular regeneration and communication.

These tinctures combine to relax what needs to relax, and fuel what needs to GO. It is all about balance ⚖️


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